London-based MultiOmic Health Ltd. has partnered with Singapore’s Mesh Bio Pte. Ltd. to conduct an observational clinical study on patients with chronic metabolic disease and increased risk of complications such as chronic kidney disease. This partnership will provide access to data from patient populations in Asia which are historically underrepresented in chronic metabolic disease studies.

MultiOmic is an AI-enabled drug discovery company applying computational systems biology to develop and commercialize data assets for metabolic syndrome — the world’s largest healthcare burden.

Mesh Bio is a digital health startup targeting chronic disease management through predictive analytics. These analytics are applied on multidimensional patient data in an effort to create personalized and precision medicine options.

Mesh Bio will collaborate with its network of healthcare provider customers to recruit patients for the study. MultiOmic will generate genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and potentially other omics data from anonymized body fluid samples. These will be combined with anonymized data from clinical and diagnostic tests for both companies to build a rich multi-omics dataset and derive AI-based computational biology models.

The combined effort in this study will allow each company to progress their R&D programs, developing precision therapeutic and diagnostic projects. They will also jointly conduct collaborative projects to enhance patient stratification for other biopharma and medtech companies’ clinical-stage R&D programs.

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