TaxTrex – R&D Tax Credit Software for Accountants & Business Owners

R&D Tax Claim Software – How it Works

TaxTrex is software created by Swanson Reed to help Accountants and Business Owners document their R&D Tax Credit Claims. The TaxTrex accounting software is based on academic research and uses a simple survey system to ensure companies stay up to date with the documentation required for a R&D claim. Please visit the TaxTrex website for additional details.

By completing 3 surveys at regular intervals throughout the year, relevant information is extracted, stored securely and date-stamped.

The information gathered from the surveys documents the scientific process as it happens. They also clearly show the purpose of all activities conducted within a project.

The time-stamped reports are stored within TaxTrex and can be used to help defend in the instance of a audit.

Why TaxTrex?


Watch this video to know why to choose TaxTrex Software.

TaxTrex Tax Credit Software Features:

  • Risk assessment based on an algorithm created by Swanson Reed
  • Date-stamping
  • Secure document storage
  • Automated surveys
  • Tiered access for all levels of the business
  • Visual representations of R&D activities

To learn more about the TaxTrex Tax Claim Software and how it can help facilitate an accurately prepared R&D Tax Credit Claim, please contact us or phone 0203 289 9962