R&D Tax Credit Claim Preparation Service

Swanson Reed’s tax accountants and attorneys can handle the entire process of compiling, preparing and submitting a R&D tax credit claim to the HMRC.

Preparation of the Tax Credit Claim

R&D tax claims must comply with series of requirements set out by the HMRC, such as a detailed overview of the project, associated costs, and related factors that clearly explain how the project meets the strict eligibility requirements of resolving high level scientific and technology uncertainty related to your trade.

Our Preparation Team of Professionals

Our team includes engineers, scientists, CPAs, and attorneys with extensive experience in R&D tax relief claims. Swanson Reed provides strategic direction and, when needed, high-quality legal representation with the ability to back tax credit claims.

Contact Swanson Reed

If you are in need of expert assistance with preparing a R&D Tax Credit Claim or more information regardingons regarding your company’s eligibility for the R&D tax credit, then please complete our Contact Form and one of our experts will be happy to answer your queries.