Glasgow-based Kingdom Technologies has secured £2 million in funding from Scottish Enterprise and other UK and European investors. The product? Commercial robotic lawn mowers. 

The company was founded in 2018 and has grown rapidly since, bringing in multiple startup competition awards across Scotland and raising over £800,000 in funding from private investors and public funds. 

The commercial, autonomous robotic lawn mowers are designed to handle large areas of grass – like a golf course. The robots can cover areas ten times greater than traditional robot mowers thanks to the proprietary smart navigation technologies. The use of an electric battery also ensures it produces less air pollution than conventional solutions.

In a conventional method, a boundary cable is tedious to set up and constantly draws current but is necessary to tell the robot where to stop. These boundary cables often break and require rerouting. With Kingdom Technologies’ solution, the robot can be set up in moments without the need for traditional boundary cables installed into the ground. Instead, the patented web platform and navigation technology allows the user to draw virtual boundaries on the satellite photos of their location.

The web platform can allow users to define danger zones, subregions, working times, and even parameters such as mowing frequency and cutting height.

The £2m funding will be used to support the growing demand for its services and to expand internationally. The business has nearly 400 pre-orders from customers across the UK, Europe and US. Expansion in the US is a particular focus for Kangro.

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