Receive a 2 hour Free Consultation with Swanson Reed’s R&D Tax Experts

Swanson Reed is currently offering a 2 hour free consultation with their R&D tax experts.

Are you a business owner or in-house accountant of an innovative company?

Many businesses that are eligible for R&D tax relief don’t claim because they either don’t know that they are eligible, or they think the R&D tax system is too complex to navigate.

Swanson Reed’s consultants are offering a free 2 hour consultation to any business who would like to know more about R&D tax relief and how it relates to their business.

If your business is developing a new product or improving a process, then contact us to find out more.

Part 1: What is TaxTrex?

Watch this video to know more about TaxTrex Software.

Are you an accountant with innovative clients?

Research indicates that many accountants think the R&D tax rules are too complicated and too risky to process themselves. Yet many accounting firms risk losing clients to larger firms if they outsource help for R&D claims.

Swanson Reed only works in R&D claims. We can assist you in determining which of your clients may be eligible to claim the R&D tax credit. Because we only deal in R&D tax, you have no risk of losing your clients to us during this process.

By working alongside Swanson Reed, you and your clients will gain full access to the UK’s first R&D tax claim software, TaxTrex.

TaxTrex is a software solution that helps accountants provide R&D tax services to their clients. This software system allows accountants and business advisors to prepare R&D claims with little or no risk

If you think your clients might be eligible to claim the R&D Tax credit, then schedule a 2 hour free consultation with one of our R&D tax experts. We can help you review your client’s activities to determine eligibility as well as provide you with a free trial of the TaxTrex software system.

Watch this video to learn more about how TaxTrex can help your clients.

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