R&D Tax Credit Documentation Management

Documentation Requirements

Swanson Reed provides specialised document management services and strategy guidance that make the claims process and audits less time consuming, and therefore, less costly to the company.

Because of the strict and detailed nature of the documentation requirements for R&D Tax Credit claims it is vital that there is an ongoing document management strategy in place to ensure everything is covered. In the age of smart devices, cloud computing and big data, effective document management can become complex and time consuming.

R&D Tax Credit Documentation Services

Knowledge is power, as they say, and our professional tax assessment team can keep your knowledge management systems powerful by advising you on which best practice document management strategy and systems need to be in place to ensure that all claims are easily compiled and that all supporting evidence is readily available should a claim be audited in future.

The Services We Can Provide:

  • Design ‘best practices’ for document management systems using our R&D tax documentation system, TaxTrex
  • Guidance on improvements to accounting and project management systems
  • ‘On site’ document projects for the purposes of meeting the R&D Tax Scheme requirements
  • Assistance with the preparation of R&D Tax Credit relevant documentation
  • Implement TaxTrax, an online document management solution

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If you need additional information on the ways to accurately document your R&D Tax Credit Claim or have any questions regarding your company’s eligibility for the R&D tax credit, then please complete our Contact Form and one of our experts will be happy to answer your queries.