Locit Limited has made history in their Deeside-based manufacturing site. The company is the first in the UK – possible in the world – to achieve complete carbon neutrality in their steel locker manufacturing.

“We have achieved a UK first- and potentially a world first – for our sector using digital manufacturing techniques which put decarbonisation at the heart of our product, processes and culture.” said Richard Williams, CEO of Locit.

The company has been granted PAS 2060 certification, which is deploying a holistic approach to reduce the environmental impact covering energy, supply chain, design, manufacture and packaging.

PAS 2060 is the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality published by the British Standards Institution (BSI). It demonstrates carbon neutrality claims are both credible and verified to increase accountability and consumer confidence.

It is a significant accomplishment for the SME manufacturer, which has booked almost £5m of sales in its first year’s trading to the end of September and has created 40 new jobs.

The company is maintaining their focus, pushing towards net zero manufacturing. With these efforts, they are on track to reduce emissions at the factory by a further 50% this year. The company has implemented solutions from top to bottom, from supply chain to design, and from manufacturing to delivery.

Locit uses recycled steel sourced from UK-based suppliers only. This reduces carbon impacts often associated with importing materials. They then use state-of-the-art 3D CAD/CAM software solutions that enable the design of products with minimum waste materials.

Advanced manufacturing techniques are used to reduce energy consumption. This includes sector-leading advanced sheet metal machinery for fully-automated production runs, bespoke short-volume orders and R&D, and innovative powder coating techniques that recycle waste and reuse heat between processes.

Data-led manufacturing means that production is integrated with cloud-based Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software to optimise stock and delivery management.

Finished products are delivered to customers and suppliers using recycled packaging.

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