What is TaxTrex?

TaxTrex is software that helps you self-claim.

The below video explains the key features of TaxTrex in under 30 seconds.

TaxTrex Tax Claim Software

the key features of TaxTrax in under 30 seconds.

How does TaxTrex work?

TaxTrex is based on academic research conducted by Swanson Reed and works by issuing three surveys at regular intervals during the year.

Relevant information necessary for the R&D claim will be:

  • extracted,
  • time-stamped; and
  • securely stored.

The information gathered through the surveys will assist in substantiating the scientific process and purpose of conducted activities.

The reports generated from the survey will be useful in defending a claim in the event that is reviewed or audited.

Special Features

TaxTrex includes the following key features:

TaxTrex - R&D Tax Claim Software

To learn more about TaxTrex please contact us or phone 0203-318-7643.