Unwasted Ltd, creators of Neverwaste™, has selected Deeside as the location for their new global R&D centre. The centre will focus on the development of recycled panel boards.

Neverwaste™ is the world’s first high performance panel board made entirely from waste, achieving an economic and scalable platform. The patented material is made from waste cardboard and packaging where the fibres have been refined and modified to achieve a stronger, sustainable panel board. Beyond using waste products, the company avoids the use of glues, resins, and toxic materials to promote further recycling and waste reduction. The product’s regenerative nature means it can be taken back and remanufactured into brand new sheets, again and again.

Unwasted has almost completed a Crowdfunding campaign to create a UK plant and as well as a potential site in West Yorkshire, the company will expand its current pilot site in North Wales. This will be used to ensure continuous innovation and plant optimisation as the business grows – with £40m in advance orders already from European manufacturers. In the UK, around 100 jobs will be created.

Other suitable sites have been identified in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, and Australia. They are to be served by renewable power, with access to feedstock and manufacturing customers, and logistical infrastructure. 

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