Tax Relief Consulting- It’s What We Do

We reward your innovation with the tax relief you’re entitled to.

Swanson Reed is one of the UK’s leading R&D Tax Relief Consultancies. As an innovative tax consultancy on the cutting edge of R&D Tax Relief, Swanson Reed has quickly established itself as the first choice for R&D companies looking to claim the money they are owed.

With many years of combined experience in tax accounting, Swanson Reed’s staff are an expert team, handpicked to provide affordable and value-added tax solutions to both large companies and SMEs. We allow innovative companies engaged in research and development to claim the tax relief they are eligible to.

Our Knowledge and Expertise Means Reduced Tax Bills for Your Company.

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 The Swanson Reed approach

The Swanson Reed approach is effective yet simple. We break down complexities with extensive study and analysis of each client’s situation. To be able to deliver on our promises, we conduct a comprehensive claims process which our tax advisers have developed.

The goal is not just to get R&D tax relief claims approved but to avoid queries from the HMRC office.  The process we use has been perfected to deliver exactly what is needed to approve tax claims. At every stage, clients are kept updated and we provide any tax advice needed to complete the process properly. We are proud to say that this process is 100% successful.