R&D Tax Audit Service

Whether you are a CPA firm with qualifying clients or a business applying directly for tax credits, Swanson Reed can provide specialised R&D tax advice.

Internal R&D Tax Credit Audits

Prevention is the best policy, and a timely a review can highlight both missed tax relief opportunities and gaps or risks in your current and planned tax claims, to ensure come audit time, things will go smoothly.

Swanson Reed can provide a comprehensive preemptive review of R&D Tax Relief eligibility for current or planned tax claims. We ensure a claim qualifies under the terms of the scheme and provide assistance compiling and filing your claim with HMRC’s Specialist R&D Unit.

R&D Tax Credit Audit Representation Services

HMRC has the right to review and audit any tax claims for up to four years after a claim was lodged.

If you are preparing for an audit, Swanson Reed’s tax attorneys can work as your representative, addressing issues raised by the HMRC and defending any previous tax claims.

Our team combines technical, science, tax accounting and legal expertise to provide strategic direction and, when needed, high-quality legal representation with the ability to back tax credit claims.

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