Swanson Reed: Partnering with Accountants

Swanson Reed partners with accountancy firms to offer the very best service possible for your clients. We combine our knowledge of R&D tax relief and the accounting skill of our partners to provide industry leading R&D tax claim solutions. Our team is comprised of industry leading tax experts including former HMRC R&D tax officers, allowing us unrivalled insight and expertise into the R&D tax relief claim process. Partnering with Swanson Reed is a smart decision for any accounting firm.

How We Work with Accountants

We bring in-depth expert knowledge of the R&D claim process whilst our partner accountants bring in-depth tax knowledge to identify research and development areas eligible for claims. You take your existing clients, ascertain from their accounts whether they’re eligible for a claim, and we will process the application. It’s a match made in Heaven!

We develop turnkey solutions with our accounting partners, developing unique relationships that best serve your clients and deliver the best results. If your accounting firm is looking to capitalise on R&D tax relief, contact us today.

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R&D Tax Relief is Our Specialty

Swanson Reed are the UK’s leading tax relief consultancy firm, providing tax relief rebates to SMEs and large companies across a range of industries.

When your accountancy firm partners with Swanson Reed, you have the benefit of adding another valuable service for your clients. Our industry leading knowledge of the R&D claim process will add to the bottom line of both your clients and your firm.

Building Business Relationships is What We Do

Swanson Reed prides itself on building positive business relationships with its clients and partners. We aim to establish long standing relationships that benefit all parties. We do this by providing industry leading R&D tax relief services that add value to our partners and their clients.

The value we can offer to your accountancy firm’s clients is vast. This is our core proposition and when complemented by our values of transparency, trust and professionalism, partnering with Swanson Reed is the natural choice.

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The Swanson Reed Approach

The Swanson Reed approach is designed around the kind of firm we want to be and the kind of service our clients deserve. We take our expertise in R&D tax relief and devise a client based approach that informs, reassures and rewards our clients. We endorse a culture of respect and professionalism at all times.

The aim of this approach is to take the complexities of the R&D tax relief process and make them simple. The end result of this is a proven track record of success – we have secured millions of pounds for our clients.

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