Swanson Reed is currently offering Accountants and Business Owners a Free Demo of new and innovative TaxTrex Software. This R&D Tax Software can help you substantiate a R&D Tax Claim in just 90 minutes.

Our R&D specialists will provide a Free 2 hour consultation to show you how the TaxTrex software can save your business time and money. Our consultants will also provide you with a Free Eligibility Assessment for any of your current R&D projects.

During Your Free TaxTrex Demo you will learn:

  • How the TaxTrex surveys work
  • The dashboard system and automated risk assessment algorithm
  • Why the secure document storage system is so important for your business
  • The different levels of tiered user access
  • How TaxTrex visually summaries your R&D claim each calendar year

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Why The TaxTrex Claim Software Works

TaxTrex uses a system of surveys to document the scientific process as it happens. Three  surveys are issued at regular intervals through the year. TaxTrex uses the information captured in these surveys to build an R&D claim profile.

The three surveys are digitally time stamped and saved in our document storage system. These time-stamped documents prove the iterations of the project over time.

Once the information has been captured, the TaxTrex risk assessment algorithm will alert you on issues with eligibility, lack of substantiating documents or commercial production concerns. If any such issues arise, Swanson Reed’s R&D experts will be on hand to help you to address them.

To learn more about TaxTrex please contact us or phone 0203 289 9962

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