Sonio, a Paris-based startup focused on improving prenatal care with artificial intelligence, has secured €5 million in new funding. This funding round was led by Elaia, OneRagtime, and Bpifrance. 

The startup’s pioneering technology aims to guide practitioners during ultrasounds to optimize their treatment and diagnosis. They leverage 5 years of R&D and clinical development expertise amongst their entrepreneurs, scientific, medical, and tech experts. This collection of experts brings together the fields of fetal medicine, artificial intelligence, software development, and imaging to improve medical outcomes.

It’s reported that 50% of congenital malformations are not detected before birth, and this is what Sonio wants to address. It provides a unique AI software that provides prenatal medicine practitioners with all types of medical, imaging, genetic and environmental data to optimize prenatal screening and diagnosis – a game-changer for the sector. 

Birth defects affect 1 in 33 babies born in Europe and the US. In half of those cases, the defects were not detected during the ultrasound. Sonio’s solution aims at helping practitioners as they perform prenatal screening to ensure they don’t forget anything and better take risk factors into account. Even when tired or on the 15th scan of the day. These practitioners must face hundreds of signs visible on an ultrasound and are meant to identify any anomaly possible. The solution should help practitioners by guiding them through 250 syndromes and 700 hundred anomalies.

Their solution is already being used by 150 healthcare professionals across Europe. They have also secured partnerships with a range of experts in the field including Samsung France, an ultrasound manufacturer, PointGyn, a private clinic.

While the company has made massive strides in developing their technology and bringing it to the industry, they still have goals in mind. The new funding will enable the team to add embedded image recognition into the Sonio platform as well as to get FDA clearance to enter the US market.

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