Companies who followed HMRC’s guidance on staff costs may have claimed less R&D tax relief than they were entitled to.

In the past few years, HMRC has issued some conflicting guidance on what you can include as an eligible staff cost in your R&D claim. In October 2014, HMRC issued a note which narrowed the definition of an eligible staff cost to exclude most reimbursed employee expenses. This restriction was lifted in a note issued in October 2016.

Companies have two years from financial year end to lodge their R&D tax claim. This two year window has now expired for periods ended before September 2015. However, HMRC has issued a procedure allowing companies who relied on their guidance to amend their R&D claims lodged between 9 October 2014 and 31 January 2016. This gives companies a unique opportunity to go back and make sure they claim all eligible staff costs. The revised claim must be submitted by 31 January 2018.

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