Ulster University in Northern Ireland has opened a new £7.3 million advanced bio-medical engineering laboratory in partnership with Randox Laboratories and Heartsine Technologies. The R&D centre will offer expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to assist companies develop prototypes for the biomedical, engineering, electronic device and aerospace sectors.

A £3.7 million R&D grant has been offered towards the scheme by Invest NI. Ulster University contributed £2.9 million and £716,000 came through industry collaborations with Randox and Heartsine.

Project leader and Ulster University professor, Jim McLaughlin, pinpoints the significance of such a facility, “Developing technology platforms to help translate our world class science and discovery to a device format as promptly as possible is essential for the very best design and performance”.

Ulster University already has a significant history of innovation and research in healthcare technology as it currently leads the way in the development of new patient monitoring systems, stimulation devices, wearable solutions and diagnostic sensing. The new R&D facility will enable researchers to further develop these strong research leadership and innovation skills, which is critical to future industry growth and collaboration with industry partners.

Furthermore, the facility is also a great representation of how partnerships between government, industry and academia can enhance Northern Ireland as a knowledge economy and boost the credibility and visibility of the region as a global leader in connected health.

Researchers and stakeholders are excited for the future of this laboratory and are optimistic that it will allow for the greatest improvements possible to patient lives by allowing the rapid development of test prototype devices and also assisting in expanding the unique range of high-calibre analyser systems.

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