UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) has announced funding for their Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) challenge. They have announced an £8 million funding pot for waste and recycling projects and an additional £7 million for plastics innovations.

Some of the winning projects include:

  • Development of a composite feedstock for electric arc furnaces
  • Recovering cotton fibre from textile waste for use in paper manufacturing
  • Ceramic glazed tiles made from 100% recycled materials
  • Better encapsulation of hazardous wastes in geopolymer cement for a lower CO2 footprint
  • Low-carbon concrete manufacturing solutions using waste materials
  • Reuse of low-carbon scrap to manufacture aluminum sheets
  • Glass cullet conversion to waterglass for cementless concrete building products
  • Biocatalyst platform for biobased-synthesis of 1,3-propanediol to convert waste glycerine into propanediol for reuse

The £7 million dedicated to plastics will be distributed soon, as the funding round is set to open for bidders. UKRI is hoping to help advance innovation in these areas, working to reduce our footprint and waste in a variety of industries. They are particularly interested in projects that reduce plastic packaging, create packaging suitable for reuse and online delivery, food grade recycled plastics and so on. This portion of the competition closes early September,

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