The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and UK Research and Innovation have announced 7 Canadian firms who will pursue collaborative projects with UK partners through the Canada-UK Industrial research and development call for proposal. 

With the help of advisory services and up to £1.7 million in funding, the collaboration efforts will focus on increasing productivity and sustainability in the agricultural industry.

  1. Arden Biotechnology (UK) and TrustBIX (CAN) will receive up to £175,700 for their development of natural feed supplement technology to be applied to the Canadian poultry sector
  2. Devenish (UK) and Mara Renewables Corporation (CAN) will receive up to £220,400 to develop algae-derived products for use in poultry production
  3. Precision Decisions (UK), Farmscan Ag Limited (UK), and JCA Technologies (CAN) will receive up to £351,500 to develop an integrated precision agriculture platform which will provide data from agricultural machine control applications for use in planning, analytics, and deployment of intelligent task direction to a fleet of machines
  4. AirBorne Robotics (UK) and Société pour l’information industrielle (CAN) will receive up to £279,000 for the development of unmanned aerial vehicle prototypes and autonomous remote sending tools for use in in-field assessment, identification, and diagnosis of problematic areas.
  5. Raft Solutions LImited (UK), Dyneval Limited (UK), Ostara biomedical Limited (UK), and Bow Valley Genetics (CAN) will receive up to £237,200 to develop bovine fertility and advanced breeding techniques
  6. Clarity Biosolutions Limited (UK), Digital Health Ltd. (UK), and Sona Nanotech (CAN) will receive up to £268,200 to develop a new highly accurate, objective test to rapidly detect, manage, control, and eradicate bovine tuberculosis
  7. RS Aqua Limited (UK) and Innovasea Marine Systems (CAN) will receive up to £198,000 to develop an early warning system for the aquaculture industry that provides notification of potential and imminent harmful algal blooms which can contribute to higher incidences of disease and elevated mortality on fish farms

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