Despite U.K R&D spending reaching a record breaking 33.1 billion pounds, its efforts were still not enough and it currently only ranks 11th in the European Union, according to Office Of National Statistics. This signifies that Britain is lagging behind its major European peers when it comes to R&D spending.

Britain invested 1.67 percent of its gross domestic product, which was below the EU average of 2.03 percent and about half the level seen in Sweden. It has been commented that these figures may help to explain the country’s dismal productivity performance throughout the past years.

Policy makers have long expressed concern about this persistent sluggishness, although Mark Carney the Bank of England Governor remains optimistic that productivity growth will accelerate.

Prime Minister Theresa May is determined to improve the nations rankings and has pledged a decade-long push to increase R&D spending in efforts to bring it into line with other rich nations.

R&D is crucial to productivity, which is crucial to overall economic growth, therefore this push to encourage people to become more innovative and invest into R&D within their company’s is crucial.

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