Bioasis Technologies, Inc., a Canadian pre-clinical, research-stage biopharmaceutical company, will collaborate with Manchester’s own Oxyrane UK Ltd.

Bioasis is focused on developing a proprietary xB3™ platform technology. Their research aims to develop methods to deliver therapeutics effectively across the blood-brain barrier for treatment of central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

Oxyrane’s R&D focus also pertains to the CNS – working on creating enhanced enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs) for the treatment of lysosomal storage diseases.

This research collaboration aims to combine the xB3TM technology with Oxyrane’s OxyCAT platform in an effort to deliver ERTs through the blood-brain barrier. This collaboration shows the cross section of research paths and the advancement of medicine and pharmaceuticals when experts join forces. With hardwork, the companies will fast track the development of a next generation approach to ERT to address neurological symptoms.

“We have been impressed by Bioasis’ technology for BBB delivery of enzyme replacement therapy and our technologies are very complementary so this collaboration is a natural fit. Oxyrane’s technology produces ERTs with enhanced cellular uptake and superior pharmacodynamics in a cost-efficient manner which we believe will be an overall benefit to patients,” commented Dr. Wouter Vervecken, the CEO of Oxyrane.

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