A new innovative student lettings app makes it easy for students to find desirable properties and for landlords to locate new tenants. CEO of the new app Leon Ifayemi, decided it was time to address the critical issues faced by university students and landlords in the rental market.

Ifayemi founded SPCE in hope to make it simple and efficient for university students to find a room or property for rent while making communication between parties throughout the tenancy effortless and straightforward.

The London based start-up has established connections with the UK’s leading student accommodation providers. SPCE will also be working with Experian to help students develop a credit rating while at university, which places them in a promising financial position once they graduate. Additionally, the globally renowned international student exchange program AIESEC, has selected SPCE as its chosen partner for overseas students to find a rental property.

The launch of SPCE hopes to eliminate the horror stories associated with student’s renting accommodation and it is hoped that the solution lies in open and ease of communication between the landlord and tenant. Additionally by enabling students and landlords to receive ratings it also encourages greater respect from all parties involved and promotes a more transparent system.

By allowing students the ability to build a credit rating and having their parent as a guarantor, the SPCE team are confident that this app is going to drag student lettings into the modern day.

SPCE arrives on the market with 50,000 rooms available for rent and 15,000 students pre-registering to download the proptech solution. Additionally the innovative app already has established agreements with six major UK universities and has a presence in the country’s leading higher education regions.

SPCE’s innovative letting software which provides a platform for students and landlords to easily step into the rental market is considered to be Research and Development. As a result the company is eligible for a significant rebate on its R&D expenditure. The available tax relief on R&D activities is very generous and should be utilised, to find out more contact a Swanson Reed R&D specialist today.