Kvantify ApS, a Danish quantum startup, has announced their expansion into the UK with a new office in London. The move comes as part of Kvantify’s broader strategy to solidify its position in the European market and bolster its international presence.

The expansion comes with the appointment of four new employees to their drug discovery division and a partnership with King’s College London’s chemistry department. Through this expansion, the company endeavours to explore new quantum use cases as well as to sponsor a PhD student.

The new hires include Michael Carter (head of drug discovery), Giulio Mattedi (cheminformatics specialist), Daniela Dolciami (senior computational chemist) and Rob Ziolek (computational chemistry specialist). The UK team adds to the startup’s 50-plus employees in Denmark.

Kvantify is exploring applications of quantum computing across financial services, logistics and pharmaceuticals. Its London-based team will work on using “physical simulations and machine learning” in drug discovery.

The decision to expand into London, one of the world’s foremost technology and financial centers, marks a significant milestone in Kvantify’s journey. The move is driven by a desire to tap into new opportunities, engage with a broader client base, and foster collaboration with like-minded tech professionals in the United Kingdom.

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