Harbourside Products in Maryport has recently received £165,000 in R&D tax relief. The company spent over £200,000 to invent a new way of slicing smoked salmon that reduces wastage. This has allowed the company to create new recipes for their pâtés, terrines of chicken, duck, game, ham hock and rabbit. 

Owner Richard Hodgson stated, “We had claimed research and development tax relief before but not on this scale… Now that we’ve benefited, it really underlines how worthwhile all the R&D was. We have a business that is comfortably producing food that is head and shoulders above the competition in terms of quality, and we’ve been rewarded on a massive scale for doing the work that got us here.” 

Hodgson mentioned that the claim would incentivise the company to keep innovating and that the claim allowed them to protect local jobs. The company employs 65 staff in total.

R&D tax relief credits provide businesses with many benefits, rewarding them for improving their current processes and technologies, helping protect local jobs and helping the company to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Many companies are eligible for the incentive but are not claiming. Swanson Reed provide free eligibility assessments to discuss whether your company would benefit from claiming R&D work. Contact us today to find out more.

 Source: Times and Star