“Made In Wales” has been the key goal for Manufacturing Wales since their beginning. Manufacturing Wales is a platform to connect manufacturers, hoping to help bridge the industry and create solutions when you’re stuck. This consortium is dedicated to helping meet the complex needs of Welsh-based manufacturers and bringing Welsh brands to the forefront.

GTS Flexible Materials and Philtronics Ltd are the newest members of the group. GTS Flexible is excited to connect with the platform to keep up with industry trends and best practices, as well as to inspire their continued R&D in automotive and power generation. Philtronics has already experienced first hand what can happen when Welsh companies come together to support each other. They started a collaboration with SPTS Technologies decades ago which gave them the opportunity to showcase their abilities. Since then they have grown to develop world-class standards and technology. 

The way this platform connects companies, the possibilities with R&D are expanded. Industry advancements can be completed faster when you have more access to information and equipment. Manufacturing Wales strives to support that ingenuity and work ethic that supports truly innovative developments.