As the world focuses on developing and advancing new software, Cloudsmith is focused on advancing the surrounding field. Managing these software assets is just as important as the software itself. That’s why the engineers at Cloudsmith have been developing the first all-in-one managed service platform. 

Delivering software worldwide is getting increasingly complex. In response, Cloudsmith has spent serious R&D hours on creating a platform that will provide a single, secure location to manage and distribute software artifacts. This means integrating support for all major packaging formats and giving customers greater control and visibility than ever before. They promise low-latency delivery using cloud-native, web-scale package management as well as security features such as malware scanning upon upload.

Invest NI has been supporting their development efforts since 2017, helping them in their growth globally. The recent support of £239,000 has helped fund the R&D for this new software platform as well as to bring it to a global market. The support of investors is crucial to helping local start-ups achieve innovation and boost the economy.