Gael Force Group has unveiled their plans for a multi-million pound investment in their research and development. Gael Force Group is a leading supply partner and manufacturer of equipment, technology, and services for the farming and catching of healthy, nutritious seafood. 

This planned funding will go towards several initiatives in their pipeline, aimed at developing technologically intelligent solutions required to tackle industry challenges to sustainable growth. The key initiative is set on developing improved fish health, reduced predation, and creating a greener, more carbon friendly way of farming the seas. This plan can reduce the emissions associated with the “egg to plate” pipeline.

Gael Force Group has big growth plans which rely on this immense investment into their research and development to improve their sustainability. This could benefit their long term strategy, allowing for expansion on par with their regular 20-25% growth year-on-year. In addition to expansion, this investment will create new, local R&D-based job opportunities to help the Scottish economy.

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