Enzai Technologies Ltd, a Belfast-based startup, has secured $4 million in a seed funding round led by Berlin-based Cavalry Ventures. Enzai will use the funding to double-down on their market leading AI governance solution, which helps organisations understand and manage the risks that come with AI while meeting their regulatory obligations.

Enzai was founded to bring accountability and safety to the growing AI realm. Once safe, this AI could be harnessed to address the world’s most significant challenges. To achieve this, the company has developed solutions to ensure new AI technologies meet regulations, minimise risks, and maintain the highest compliance standards.

As we have recently seen, the rapid and exponential growth of AI capabilities is outpacing the development of clear regulatory frameworks. This has introduced uncertainties around data privacy, transparency, bias mitigation, and acceptable applications. Recent regulatory developments require businesses to adhere to stringent AI development and deployment guidelines. Each regulatory regime takes a different approach. This quickly becomes hard for organisations to manage, which further highlights the pressing need for robust AI governance.

Enzai’s AI governance software platform is a potential solution, providing organisations with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate these complexities, ensuring the responsible development, deployment and usage of AI. The platform allows organisations to build up an inventory of their AI, apply policies and procedures to that AI, and then measure compliance in real time.

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