WANdisco, Inc. has announced their plans to create 33 jobs at their Belfast software development centre. In addition to these 33 roles, another 11 positions will be opened up to support their research and development efforts, doubling their Northern Ireland R&D staff over the next three years.

“With this new £7 million investment, we plan to increase the platform’s functionality to integrate it with international cloud service providers and create 33 jobs,” said David Richards, CEO of WANdisco. “This will pivot our appeal to new global customers.”

WANdisco prides itself on being the LiveData company focused on building and providing a reliable data migration and replication platform for clients. Their solutions aim to leverage the internet the way it was intended, empowering enterprises to benefit from the freedom of data. This means developing the technology needed to move and access data wherever and whenever without impeding efficiency. When no longer weighed down by where your data is stored, you have more time to make better business decisions.

This LiveData movement aims to shape the future of data infrastructure with their proprietary cloud services. Their technology makes it possible to transfer exabytes of data with minimal down time and minimal data loss. The company has been developing these technologies for a decade, building and optimizing machine learning algorithms to power their cloud-analytics and improve efficiency over and over.

Invest NI has offered the company £953,024 of support towards R&D, skills development and the creation of 33 jobs.

George McKinney, Invest Northern Ireland’s Director of Technology & Services, said WANdisco’s reinvestment in innovation and research and development is bearing fruit.

“We’ve been working with WANdisco for almost a decade, providing business advice and R&D support to help it grow its Northern Ireland base,” he said. “This support is clearly reaping significant benefits for the company and the Northern Ireland economy. The 33 jobs will contribute almost £1.6million in annual salaries to the local economy once they are all in place.”

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