Africa is working hard to stay on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI industry is dominated by North America, Europe, and Asia. A number of complex problems can be solved by AI, which is being trained among computer scientists from African countries.

In April, Google opened its first African AI research centre in Ghana. Accra’s AI lab will improve healthcare, agriculture, and education through the development of artificial intelligence solutions.

Advocates of artificial intelligence in Africa:

Senegalese heads Google’s Accra AI team.

Mr Cisse has encountered many obstacles in his pursuit of his dreams, as there are very few AI researchers from Africa.

“More needs to be done to overcome these barriers so that the gains from AI can be felt globally.”

As a result of inadequate education, African nations are missing out on talent in the AI industry. Thus wasting an opportunity to improve life in Africa.

It is common for Africans to travel outside the continent in order to gain the IT skills they need for building new businesses back home.

The issue of AI education on the African continent is a big concern for Mr Cisse, who wants African governments to prioritise AI as a key priority and assist with efforts to apply AI to the benefit of humanity.


A few statements:

 Moustapha Cisse:

  • “AI has a lot to offer to Africa and Africa has a lot to offer to AI as well,” he told the BBC.

  • “AI can help accelerate discoveries in various sciences, and it can help in areas where our human expertise is not enough.”

AIMS Rwanda president Dr Sam Yala told the BBC.

  • “When we have young Africans working on this topic, we can imagine that they will easily be addressing some global challenges that our continent is facing”
  •  “When they are trained, some of them will work at universities and it’s a way our students can pass their skills on to others.

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