Submarine cable landed in Mombasa, Kenya

//Submarine cable landed in Mombasa, Kenya

Submarine cable landed in Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa is ready to welcome the new submarine cable which will connect continents…

A new submarine cable has successfully been landed in Mombasa by Telkom Kenya and PEACE Cable.

PEACE Cable will improve connectivity between Africa, Europe, and Asia.

With the rapid growth in Internet services, such as cloud computing, streaming, gaming, and connected devices, as well as the need to provide seamless service delivery, this type of delivery infrastructure is gaining a lot of attention.

PEACE CABLE  Benefits:

In Kenya, the PEACE cable will have multiple benefits for the technology environment, including :

  • Communication services that are faster and more stable
  • Africa, Europe, and Asia are connected
  • Connecting France to Pakistan via the Europe-Asia route, and Mombasa, Kenya, via the Indian Ocean route, would provide the most direct connection between Asia and Europe.
  • Getting communication between continents moving more quickly
  •  A total bandwidth of 192Tbps and speeds of 200 Gbps per wavelength,
  • Access to data in a stable and secure manner.

These benefits will increase the demand for data centres, creating a new market within the area


Telkom’s CEO, Mr. Mugo KIBATI says:  

  • “The investment in submarine cables is of strategic importance to Telkom, where we view access to the Internet as a fundamental human right.
  • “This ultra-high capacity Cable will assist Kenya and the region in meeting its current and future broadband capacity requirements, bolster redundancy, minimise transit time of our country’s connectivity to Asia and Europe, as well as assist carriers in providing affordable services to Kenyans”.

The PEACE Cable’s Chief Operating Officer, SUN Xiaohua says:

  • “We are very proud to work with such an excellent partner as Telkom to jointly complete this successful landing in Kenya. PEACE will bring more diversified digital connection options and provide high-speed, large-capacity and stable data access opportunities to Kenya in the future. We will spare no efforts with PEACE to bring more business development to this region.”

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