Need a quick and simple solution the cure your hunger? Or do you want to find a delicious restaurant without travelling out of town? Startup ‘EatAndTheCity’ has got you covered; offering a selection of location based wholesome and interesting foods within a short distance from your home.

Ilkka Lavas founded EatAndtTheCity to create a location based food discovery app with good and interesting recommendations. Lavas knew that there were already plenty of sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor offering a similar service however the way EatAndTheCity differentiates itself is by letting professional content creators participate and by being strictly local.

The app words together with content partners, foodies, bloggers and food critics and allows independent maps and lists to be made available to all users.

Another differentiating factor from other food apps such a Yelp is that rather than offering everything, EatAndTheCity simply offer local options. While TripAdvisor is great for tourists and reviews, EatAndtTheCity accommodates for their local market.

EatAndTheCity recently received €3.3 million in funding led by Wallstreet Group with Gorilla Ventures, Arteel Ventures and Tekes also participating. This funding further supports an international expansion of the company’s restaurant discovery platform.

The company’s main goal is to position itself for locals and solve the local discovery problem. To ensure this the company will only use feedback from local residents, journalist and food critics.

The start-up hopes to one day become the world’s leading local restaurant discovery platform and position itself as a white label restaurant discovery platform.

The concept of EatAndTheCity and the software components associated to creating such an innovative app are considered to be Research and Development. The company is therefore eligible for a significant rebate on its R&D expenditure. The available tax relief on R&D activities is very generous and should be utilised, to find out more contact a Swanson Reed R&D specialist today.