An entrepreneur from Yorkshire has launched the company ‘Allium’ which is the UK’s most innovative and advanced green recycling business converting organic and biodegradable waste into a renewable source of energy.

As a result of this innovative company founded by Richard Todd, approximately 100,000 tonnes of compost will be produced each year to restore non-agricultural land, such as former landfill sites and quarries.

The process uses a three-stage sustainable green process and will use In Vessel Composting technology to treat waste within cast sealed chambers making it into nutrient-rich compost.

The initial plan for the company is to use compost to grow Willow Coppice on a former landfill site, once this is planted it will take approximately three years until the first wood can be harvested. This wood is turned into a biomass fuel and used to produce heat which will be sold to the neighbouring site and electricity will be sold back to the National Grid.

Once Allium is fully operational the process will export sufficient energy to power approximately 12,000 houses.

Allium’s full closed loop recycling solution is the first of its kind in the UK and the company has secured a significant amount of contracts that will see it handling waste from across Yorkshire and beyond.

Allium’s innovative process of creating such a revolutionary recycling solution is considered as Research and Development. As a result the company is eligible for a significant rebate on its R&D expenditure. The available tax relief on R&D activities is very generous and should be utilised, to find out more contact a Swanson Reed R&D specialist today.