Professor Guang Li and Dr. Kamyar Mehran from Queen Mary University in London, along with Eco Wave Power’s engineering team, have been awarded a £20,000 grant from the Wohl Clean Growth Alliance. 

The Wohl Clean Growth Alliance is a government-backed initiative supported by both the UK and Israeli government. This initiative is aimed at supporting and funding R&D in the areas of enhancing water, energy, and food production and management. 

Eco Wave Power has already developed innovative technology for production of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves. Their engineering team will partner with both Professor Guang Li and Dr. Kamyar Mehran to work on improving the control system used in Eco Wave Power’s wave energy converter in an effort to enable a faster commercial rollout of the EWP technology. The team from Queen Mary University are experts in marine energy control systems and power as well as control systems engineering.

Prior to this funding, Eco Wave Power had received a €178,500 grant from the EU as a part of their ILIAD Consortium. 

Professor Guang Li and Dr. Kamyar Mehran, add: “We believe that our collaboration will yield significant knowledge and scientific progress, which shall contribute to the commercialization of the wave energy sector.”

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