R&D Tax Credit – Water Technology

Water Technology R&D Tax Credit BUSINESS SCENARIO THIS CASE STUDY SHOWS THE APPLICATION OF KEY LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS FOR QUALIFYING R&D ACTIVITIES AS THEY APPLY TO RELEVANT ACTIVITIES IN THE WATER INDUSTRY AND WATER TECHNOLOGY. Re-Water Corporation provides consultation, design, construction, and process optimization to the water and waste-water industry. The organization now provides recycled-water validation services for [...]

R&D Tax Credit – Water Engineering

WATER ENGINEERING - R&D Tax Credit THIS CASE STUDY SHOWS THE APPLICATION OF KEY LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS FOR QUALIFYING R&D ACTIVITIES AS THEY APPLY TO RELEVANT ACTIVITIES IN THE WATER ENGINEERING INDUSTRY. BUSINESS SCENARIO H20 Resolutions is an engineering consultancy based in the U.K. that specializes in water engineering and offers a comprehensive range of high-quality engineering solutions [...]

R&D Tax Credit – Water Conservation

Water Conservation R&D Tax Credit THIS CASE STUDY EXEMPLIFIES THE APPLICATION OF KEY LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS FOR ELIGIBLE R&D ACTIVITIES AS THEY APPLY TO RELEVANT ACTIVITIES IN THE WATER CONSERVATION INDUSTRY. BUSINESS SCENARIO Fresh Water is an established water industry supplier focusing on water and energy conservation. In 2009, Fresh Water began developing their main control product, [...]

R&D Tax Credit – Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage Industry - R&D Tax Credit This case study exemplifies the application of key legislative requirements for eligible R&D activities as they apply to relevant activities in the food and beverage industry.  Business Scenario  Bryan Beef is a privately owned manufacturer of processed beef products for the food and retail industries in the U.K. [...]

Zoos and Wildlife – R&D Tax Credit

Jungle Junction is a popular, high-quality zoo that offers the viewing of and interaction with animals that are native to the jungle. In 2008, Jungle Junction noticed an increase in the number of deaths in its gorilla population. After further research, Jungle Junction discovered that the majority of deaths were caused by infectious diseases. After [...]

R&D Tax Credits – Aviation Industry

Aviation R&D Tax Credits Business Scenario Airtime Helicopters (Airtime) was established in 2008 to provide aviation charter, scenic and photography services. Airtime felt a need to further enhance the recording quality and stability of its current camera unit to improve clarity and visibility during vertical monochromatic imaging, mapping and surveying. In 2009, Airtime began an [...]

R&D Tax Credits -Transportation Industry

Transportation R&D Tax Credits Business Scenario Earhart Engineering is a widely renowned engineering company specializing in modern building of transportation methods, systems and equipment. Dedicated to being one step ahead of its competitors, Earhart Engineering proposed an R&D plan to create the ‘Self-e,’ an electric, self-operating vehicle/aircraft. Earhart’s main objective was to develop a legal [...]

R&D Tax Credits – Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry -R&D Tax Credits Business Scenario SafeMark Gas Experts (SafeMark) has been involved in gas detection in the workplace for over 40 years and offers safety solutions to the United Kingdom's infrastructure and resource companies. To maintain the trust of its clients and keep its industry-leading reputation, SafeMark conducts regular R&D work. In [...]

R&D Tax Credit – Theme Park Industry

Theme Parks R&D Tax Credits Business Scenario Waveland is a popular water park that offers riveting visitor experiences tailored for domestic and international guests. Waveland is constantly adding new and exciting activities for its customers, thus engaging in frequent R&D work. In 2012, Waveland engaged in an R&D project with the main business objective being [...]

R&D Tax Credit – Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry R&D Tax Credit Business Scenario Raceway Engineering (Raceway) is an automotive company that specializes in building engines for off-road speedway sprint cars. To stay at the top of the market, Raceway is always conducting R&D work to assist in the creation of innovative ideas and products. Raceway decided it wanted to come up [...]