London Tech Week Review: a bright future ahead for the industry

//London Tech Week Review: a bright future ahead for the industry
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London Tech Week Review: a bright future ahead for the industry

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London Tech week showcased the future of UK Tech industry Two weeks ago . 

Firstly, the week commenced with the Global Leader’s Innovation Summit, which brought together policymakers, sector leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. They discussed the challenges facing tech and what the sector can do to tackle them together.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak attended, showing  his support for the UK’s role in this effort and officially opened the week.

Tuesday saw the Climate Tech Summit shine positivity to the sustainability agenda. Exhibiting a line up of tech solutions to the challenge of net zero and sustainability.

Industry, commerce and government leaders held multiple discussions on topics like:

  • Decarbonising supply chains to clean energy’s role in a changing Europe.
  • Bearing the standard for tech as a tool for positive purpose and a vehicle for social good.

Currently, the UK tech sector demographic remains mostly white and male. However,  more than 100,000 vacancies need filling in the industry. So, beyond the ethical importance of being inclusive, there is a  practical demand for diversity to grow the tech sector.

Additionally, diversity and inclusion issues in the industry came into sharp focus. TLA Tech for disability group held a hybrid round-table event on how to close the digital divide between people with disabilities and those without.

The key takeaway from the main focus throughout the week was that diversity and inclusion are essential for the UK tech sector to fulfil the potential on display at London Tech Week.

A glance into the future of tech work

London showcased itself as a truly global city, with the tech sector at the core of an attractive launch pad for the world’s most exciting and innovative ventures.  In addition to London being portrayed as a cradle of innovation, it is  also a hub of global connectivity. 

Tech communities from across the globe, from Ghana, to the West Midlands, came together to look to the future of the sector and how it can positively transform other landscapes.

This being the first London Tech Week post pandemic, the future of work was clearly a hot topic. The pandemic and remote working systems that emerged have made the world smaller. Consequently, companies increasingly look to talent from across the country and beyond borders.

The new working office:

Despite Brexit and other current geopolitical difficulties, businesses can recruit talent outside of London more effectively than ever.

The world of work is set to be revolutionised over the coming years. Want a glimpse of what that might look like?

Advancements in AI and the meta verse are coming closer to destroying distinctions between the home and office. London Tech Week gave a unique look into a future where work exists completely online. One in which we do not even realise we are not physically together.

If the success of the week is anything to go by, London is set to lead the way in the industry over the coming years, not just as a space to bring together communities from across the globe, but as a home of ideas and innovation.

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