Looking for an innovative solution that will reduce your risk in doing business? Need a tool that will provide your company with a more in-depth understanding of private companies, the people that run them and the market in which they operate? DueDil, short for due diligence, is your one stop shop helping businesses to find opportunities and mitigate risks.

Damian Kimmelman and Justin Fitzpatrick founded the London Based company in 2011 and have since been on a mission to becoming the world’s largest source for private company information. Their ultimate goal is to make the information on private companies as rich and accessible as it is for public companies.

The difference between DueDil and traditional information suppliers is that DueDil provides a unified platform for teams across a business to contextualise and navigate the relationships between sets of data.

DueDil has been designed as an easy to use product that makes sense of data which matters and is vital to a company. It provides a clean interface that ensures it is easy to segment any market, understand a company and derive meaningful insight in just a few clicks.

The DueDil team has managed to grow from 30 to 80 employees and have added over 20 new program over 12 months.  The software currently features and  provides authoritative data and rich context on over 40 million companies across 9 European countries.

This web tool that Kimmelman and Fitzpatrick have designed and launched is considered Research and Development. As a result DueDil is eligible to obtain a significant rebate on the R&D expenditure which it accumulates. The current tax relief on R&D activities is very generous, to find out more contact a Swanson Reed R&D specialist today.