Energy is on a roll in the UK! The Burbo Bank Extension scheme facilitates the world’s largest and most powerful offshore wind turbines and is now powering 230,000 homes in the UK.

This is the first time the huge MHI Vestas turbines have been commercially deployed.  Optimism is high that the turbines will significantly improve sustainability in the UK. A single rotation of the powerful turbines produce enough electricity to power a home for 29 hours.

Each turbine stands at 195 metres tall and has blades 80 metres long, making it higher than London’s Gherkin tower.

The Burbo Bank Extension scheme’s backers say that the research project has significantly helped develop the UK supply chain. The turbine blades are designed and made in the Isle of Wight, the transition pieces that link the turbine towers to foundations are made in Teesside and assembly took place in Belfast.

To put things into perspective, the Vindeby in Denmark, which opened 25 years ago, was the first ever offshore wind farm and while this was a fantastic sustainability achievement, today one single MHI Vestas turbine can produce more energy than the entire Vindeby facility.

It is hoped that by pushing innovation in this way, the cost of electricity from offshore wind will be significantly reduced and that the project will help to advance the offshore wind industry across the world.

The project is a joint venture between Dong, PKA and Kirkbi A/S which are parent companies of the Lego Group. Together with its partners, the organisation intends to continue investing into renewable energy to secure a better future for the builders of tomorrow.

Bali Padda, chief executive of the Leo Group says, “This development means we have now reached the 100 per cent renewable energy milestone three years ahead of target.” To mark this significant milestone, Lego has constructed a Guinness World Record-breaking 7.5 metre-high Lego wind turbine. The lego turbine is made with more than 146,251 bricks and has taken a team of 10-15 people more than 600 hours to complete.

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