Edinburgh, Scotland Economy

The economy in Edinburgh is thriving more than ever it seems and a lot of the progress achieved has to do with the passionate companies and organizations striving to do better, each and every day. Thanks to their efforts and the research and development tax credit, the progress will certainly continue to excel and grow as intended. We at Swanson Reed are here to help your company experience that same growth and upwards mobility towards future success with the R&D tax credit. Read on to learn more about Edinburgh’s economy and why the city itself will continue to experience some excellent growth and become a city with a strong hand in many, many industries.

How Edinburgh’s Economy Has Changed

Edinburgh’s economy has always been innovative. The city of Edinburgh was one of the first cities in Scotland to have a large business/commerce presence with industries ranging from printing, brewing, and distilling to rubber, engineering, and pharmaceuticals. These industries paved the way for future technology firms, major corporations, and financial groups to continue to thrive in Edinburgh. These styles of companies have some of the best research and development departments which can benefit greatly from the research and development tax credit. As for the change of the economy within Edinburgh, it’s mainly become amplified to a higher degree of success and there is certainly plenty of room to continue growing in the coming years.

Where Edinburgh’s Economy is Headed

As Edinburgh continues to compound its growth and have the anticipated success it deserves, there’s an idea where it will most likely continue to head. The areas of the city experiencing great investment from investors and corporations alike will most likely experience the largest amount of year-over-year growth and see the benefits immensely. The current economy is focused on four major fields:

  • Financial Services
  • Technology & Software
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • All of these industries can experience disruption through research and development, even though they are already quite advanced. This process of utilizing R&D tax credits to their full advantage will only help matters as the industries continue to experience growth and assist one another with their economic pursuits.

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