Canada and the UK have unveiled agreements to support innovation in biomanufacturing, quantum, climate change, and alternative protein research. This support will come in the form of funding packages and collaboration. This effort will deepen collaboration on science and innovation between the two countries.

This agreement includes a £20 million joint biomanufacturing programme to be funded evenly by each government. The funding will be directed towards growing the biomanufacturing sector to ensure both countries are fully prepared for future pandemics.

The focus of the Biomanufacturing Collaboration is to drive economic growth by bringing together the complementary strengths from Canada and the UK to support the growth of businesses in this area, delivering economic growth for both nations and creating highly-skilled jobs.

Alongside the Memorandum of Cooperation on biomanufacturing, the UK and Canada has agreed a range of collaborations as part of today’s announcement, including:

  • Canada announced as a partner to the UK’s £119m International Science Partnership Fund (ISPF). Initially, this would see £4.5m in funding to enable UK researchers to take part in the Canada-led International Joint Initiative for Research in Climate Change and Adaptation and Mitigation, which sets out plans to help the most vulnerable people globally to deal with the impact of climate change.
  • A Statement of Intent on Quantum, which sets out a roadmap of activity including the introduction of joint research programmes and increased mobility for researchers. Collaboration begins immediately, with 20 PhD students from Canada travelling to the UK to participate in the UK-Canada quantum summer school.
  • An Innovate UK–Protein Industries Canada to advance innovation in plant-based foods through collaborative R&D projects between businesses and research organisations from Canada and the UK.

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