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Thales new MV32 Modem

Thales presents the new Centurion MV32 Modem, which is easy to set up and maintain and improves 5G connectivity. This is the infrastructure for enterprises, remote patient care, and intelligent monitoring of renewable energy generation.

Thales (Euro Paris next HO) is a global leader in advanced technology that invests in digital and deep tech innovations.

Benefits of the new modem

It will enable new speeds within the country of Morocco, making it easier to access the internet and provide more network support. It will also contribute to a more sustainable environment.

The new modem card offers:

  • High speed
  • Reliability
  • A compact design 
  • Easy use due to the fact that the devices can be attached to a sim card

This will provide a more efficient service that could be taken anywhere, ultra high speed, as well as better protection against cyber attacks.

Statements on MV32 5G:

General Manager of Peplink, Keith Chau commented that:

“The latest generation of MV32 5G represents the right product at the right time for our customers”.

That  is a promise for a developing country like Morocco, especially for cyber security given the country’s lack of infrastructure.

Technically, it also proficiently provides a system that supports the highest level of data without overheating due to the thermal design. Additionally, as it functions through a radio frequency system, it’s able to achieve the highest performance level on the field. 

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