What is TaxTrex?

TaxTrex is a software that helps you claim your R&D Tax Relief.

The video below explains the key features of TaxTrex.

TaxTrax | R&D Tax Claim Software

the key features of TaxTrax in under 30 seconds.

How does TaxTrex work?

TaxTrex is based on academic research conducted by Swanson Reed. You are able to prepare and document an R&D tax relief claim in 3 steps: learn what to claim, complete 3 surveys and populate an application and your supporting documents. The report from these surveys will be useful in defending a claim in the event that it is reviewed or audited.

The survey system that is used for TaxTrex has three 20 minute surveys. These surveys are used to record and capture the scientific process as it occurs. In order to receive funding for R&D you must pass the 4 part test, these surveys help prove eligibility. The profile of the surveys include:

  • R&D activities in relation to qualifying indirect activities
  • New knowledge generated through the research process
  • Technical uncertainty and risk
  • The scientific process from hypothesis to conclusion

TaxTrex also use a real-time assessment algorithm which alerts you with issues on eligibility, documentation, production concerns and any other areas of risk in relation to your claim. This feature will let you know if any action is required. If an issue does arise Swanson Reed’s R&D tax experts are able to ensure your R&D claim is safeguarded and back in good standing.

Special Features

TaxTrex includes the following key features:

  • Intelligent risk assessment
  • Automated survey system
  • Time-stamping
  • Tiered access to financial staff, project staff, contractors, business advisers
  • Secured Document Storage
  • Visual Summaries

To learn more about TaxTrex please contact us.