Intelligent Growth Solutions 9IGS), a Scottish agritech firm, has announced the introduction of its indoor growing systems to the UAB. UAB  has been searching for sustainable growth alternatives that produce high yields and require low qatar input to help sustain their growing populations. IGS and Madar Farms, based in Abu Dhabi will enter into a partnership.

IGS is an agritech company focused on creating innovative and sustainable solutions to growing crops. Their system recycles water, reducing the input needed over the long term.Madar Farms has a vision to create sustainable food supply channels that rely on minimal water input in the Middle East. IGS will provide the vertical farming technology, while Madar Farms will supply the premium indoor-grown crops. 

The partnership will start with 5 growth towers, each at 6 metres tall and will allow Madar Farms to produce up to 30 tonnes of crops per year. These crops will largely include leafy greens and herbs, while Madar Farms continues to expand their range. Madar Farms is currently developing better propagation of tomato seedlings, and believes IGS’ farming tech could be the key for early-stage seeding production. IGS also continues their R&D, trying to expand their own range of crops to include strawberries and seed potatoes. 

These partnerships show the potential that R&D brings to the world, solving scarcities through collaboration.