Working With Business Advisers for Tax Relief

Aside from working with partners and accountants for their R&D tax relief claims, we are also open to working with advisers by providing them with insight into the R&D tax situation.

The tax industry is so complicated that in trying to understand it, business owners often talk to several people about their taxes, including the R&D tax relief. In our experience, majority of businesses know the basics of the R&D tax incentive but need clarification.

We can work with business advisers in almost all sectors. We have a powerhouse team that can process tax claims with confidence and superior know-how.

Our FREE consultation

Our free consultation will help you understand how you and your company can benefit from R&D Tax Relief.

The Positive Impact Working with Swanson Reed

A business has to find the qualifying R&D activities to be successful in claiming the R&D tax incentive. Companies that invest in research and development can use these tax relief to fund a new cycle or stage of research or use it to infuse back into the business for other purposes.

It is wonderful to witness how this tax has such a positive impact on our clients. It gives them renewed energy to continue working on their dream product or expand the business.

How We Work with Advisers

We love the challenge of adjusting to clients’ needs. Just tell us what they want. Our exposure and training encompasses almost all industries while our tax professionals can customize our tailor-made structure to fit your client’s requirements.

The Swanson Reed Tax Relief Process

We have an R&D tax claims process which is an end-to-end service for referrers and clients alike. The process is designed in such a way to keep everything straightforward and tight. Clients are not required to spend hours with us nor worry that the process is not moving fast enough.

It’s an effective strategy that has worked time and again with a low 3% HMRC query rate and a 100% claims approval rate.

Be a Part of Our Introducers Referral Program

Advisers interested in referring us work can benefit from our “Introducers’ Referral” program. We’d love to sit down and work out a referral scheme if you want. Do contact us for more details.