Love Joes, also known as Chicken Joes, has secured £77,863 in R&D tax relief for their 2019 tax year. This tax relief went towards developing a new cooking and coating factory including how to adhere coatings and filter oil more effectively. Love Joes has been innovating and advancing the food world for the past 27 years, evolving themselves and the industry as they go.

The company uses the R&D tax credit to help continue these advancements. Love Joes offers easy to prepare meal solutions They work hard to improve their products in taste and production. Improvements to processes, equipment, and formulations are key to always delivering the best.

The company had a big year in 2020, opting to open their doors to the general public. COVID-19 hit the world, closing kitchens and shops everywhere. Love Joes were left with tonnes of products but no customer base. They redesigned their website and began offering home delivery within 40-miles of their Aldridge factory. This change was so well received, they have decided to open a factory shop “The Food Factory by Joe”, offering these delicious and custom foods to the general public. 

R&D tax relief credits provide businesses with many benefits, rewarding them for improving their current processes and technologies, helping protect local jobs and helping the company to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Many companies are eligible for the incentive but are not claiming. Swanson Reed provides free eligibility assessments to discuss whether your company would benefit from claiming R&D work. Contact us today to find out more.