Technology Manager

Technology Manager


Swanson Reed one of the world’s leading specialist R&D tax and innovation advisory firms. We service a diverse range of clients from technology start-ups to billion dollar Government Owned Corporations in the commercial aspects of research, development, management and technology transfer.


This is an excellent opportunity to utilise your technical expertise in the finance sector through assisting to shape mining, manufacturing and construction sectors with their commercially sensitive innovation agendas and corporate planning.
  1. You will help structure R&D activities so a company may attain the maximum possible Government entitlements
  2. You will be accountable for the identification, analysis, structuring, costing, modelling and submission of highly confidential R&D projects
  3. You will assist with the development of R&D plans
  4. You will assist with financial modelling / costings (MBA or CA Study opportunities)
  5. You will work with a vast array of company executives to solve their complex commercial problems.
  6. You will receive on the job training (option of MBA, CA, CFA or CPA will be provided) and guided until you are fully competent.


Trafalgar Square office, London


  • You will have recently graduated with a degree in science, technology, engineering or similar with second class honors.
  • 2+ years experience in industry will be viewed favorably in lieu of honors degree.
A self-starter with an inquisitive mind who demonstrates a committed and flexible approach complemented by exceptional relationship management skills will excel in this role.
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